Howard Ostrom is one of the leading authorities and experts on the history of Sherlock Holmes through the media. He,  is also the Chief-Of-Staff for No Place Like Holmes, a position similar to that of Moran to Moriarty- only less evil. He has been an integral part of expanding the franchise's output since joining forces with Ross K.Foad in 2012. He is a writer of numerous highly regarded essay series on a variety of subjects within the Sherlock Holmes world, all of which can be found on the NPLH Website. 

He is also an avid autograph hunter, and hisautographed photo collection of Holmes and Watson actors can also be found on the NPLH website. It, is believed to be the largest of its kind.

In 2014, Howards essay series began being adapted under the NPLH brand into the "Diogenes Documentaries" web series, to which he also serves as executive producer. 

Ross K Konnects- Howard Ostrom11:13

Ross K Konnects- Howard Ostrom

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