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Dialysis Murder is the 3rd and final episode of the 3rd NPLH series. The 42 minute episode originally ran in 4 parts between March 30th-April 21st 2013.

The episode follows Holmes investigating the murder of an animal testing lab technician. All fingers point to the animal rights campaigner, Daniel "Moonshine Digweed", who previously attacked the lab worker, but Holmes is not so sure.


One of the animal right protesters is played by Dasha Ches, who Ross would later cast as Russian spy Klara Resnick in the episode "Heat of The Moment". (S4 E3).


Sherlock Holmes: Ross K. Foad

Doctor WatsonMike Archer

Miss Christine BlakeTamzin Dunstone

Madeline Chambers: Kelsey Williams

Teresa Fairweather: Sal Bolton

Herbert Reeves: John Tsopanis

Ranger McCreath: Brett Underwood

Daniel MoonShine Digweed: Joe Sandz

Rebecca Constance: Angela Holmes

Doctor Proctor: Gene Foad

Animal Rights Protestors: Dasha Ches, Laraine Dix, Elaine Brain, Dolapa Umur, Kerridwen Negros, Chris Boote.

No Place Like Holmes "Dialysis Murder" *Full*42:13

No Place Like Holmes "Dialysis Murder" *Full*

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